The (We)IVA Project

November 6, 2008

Starting November 17th, I’ll begin work as Vice President, Sales & Business Development at MIVA, Inc.  

In the spirit of a “We” vs. “Me” mentality that I so fervently clung onto during the Web 2.0 Expo presentations by companies like Mzinga – I’ve dubbed my chronicles at MIVA the (We)IVA project. I will aggressively document as much as I can possibly share throughout the course of my first 100 days on the job.  The goal of this initiative are as follows:

1. Learn

2. Listen

3. Set proper Expectations

4. Learn the MIVA culture

5. Build trust and relationships with my colleagues

6. Lead by example (I hope everyone I encounter adopts an open and honest approach to information sharing at MIVA)

7. Set the appropriate direction for the MIVA Direct Sales team

8. Communicate as effectively as I possibly can

I encourage anyone from the MIVA team to add comments, suggestions, statements, anything you feel may be appropriate that will possibly help the first 100 days of this new role help the MIVA organization as much as possible.  

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Web 2.0 Expo New York City

October 1, 2008

Here’s a list of some recurring sentiments regarding web 2.0 that I think we can all apply to our businesses:

1. Trust People
2. Listen
3. Inverse relationship between control and trust


1. Make mistakes well
2. Life is a beta
3. Be honest
4. Be transparent
5. Collaboration


Don’t be Evil