Google – Hot Trends list

July 27, 2007

Hot Trends (USA)

Jul 27, 2007 – change date

1. white lady of soul
2. zachary quinto
3. psychosis
4. ian johnson
5. luke russert
6. x 48b
7. laura tennessen
8. kyphon
9. erin burnett
10. peter greene
11. maestro masur
12. scaled composites
13. toronto born magicia…
14. liev schreiber
15. shankar dada zindaba…
16. hot blooded lyrics
17. sean david morton
18. new star trek movie
19. flashdance lyrics
20. leonard nimoy

CPA, CPM, Search AOR

July 19, 2007

I cannot tell you how fired up I am about what’s happening internally here at Azoogle! Since 2000 Azoogle has been the premier performance based ad network. About a month ago we have expanded our product offering to CPM Media Planning, as well as Search AOR services. In less than a month we’ve already moved forward with million dollar media buys, and have signed Blockbuster, and Thumbplay as Search AOR clients!

Talk about wanting to get out of bed in the morning! There are so many great things going on here!