1/2 Marathon

July 30, 2008

The 1/2 Marathon was a huge success! I’m still sore, but can’t wipe the smile off my face at what I’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time. It was only a few months ago when I entered my first 5k that I really focused on taking this a bit further. I’m encouraged by my performance, and I’m looking forward to my next event.

This week has been busy getting ready for the eTail conference in DC, and then of course we’re all very excited about the Affiliate Summit in Boston. Shoot me a note if you’re planning on attending either event, and I’ll be sure to carve out some time to meet.

1/2 Marathon

July 23, 2008

This coming Sunday I’ll be competing in my first ever 1/2 Marathon. After catching the running bug a few months back (I entered a 5k, then a 10k and now the 1/2 marathon), I’m feeling better than when I was 25. It’s amazing what your body can do when you set a goal, define a road map to meet that goal, and execute.

I can’t help but make the connection to our daily business lives. How many of us say “I want to be a CEO”, but never map out the strategy to get there? Recently I’ve been able to start road maps outlining different aspirations in my life. What stimulated my recently found laser focus was that I stumbled upon a list of “things to do before I die” that I’d created when I was about 20, and updated when I was about 22. I had to take a moment to say “well done” because there were more boxes checked off than I expected when I first found the document. Afterward my wife and I sat down to review the list. We both agreed that I should map out what steps I need to take to accomplish each thing on my list. She also encouraged me to seriously evaluate the validity of said list. The activity in contention was “make-out with a Playboy bunny”….unless my wife decides to pose for the “hot wives of westchester” addition, I think I’ll have to remove that one, but I digress.

I’ll keep you posted on the 1/2 marathon, and hopefully I start posting my progress on some of the “things to do before I die”…

oh yeah…here’s a pic of my triumphant finishing of my 10k on Father’s Day!

zanox Business Wire Press Release

July 8, 2008

NEW YORK – (Business Wire) zanox, a global leader in performance-based online marketing, today announced the company’s significant growth in the fiscal year 2007, including global revenue generation of more than 166 million EUR (261.8 million USD), across key sectors including the T.I.M.E.S. (Telecommunication, Internet, Media, Entertainment, Software), Travel, Retail & Shopping and Finance verticals. Overall, the Berlin-based provider of affiliate marketing experienced 55 percent company growth, surpassing industry averages of 33.2 percent for the online marketing sector (as reported in the PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2008-2012).

“zanox brings affiliate advertisers and publishers together on a global scale with an international footprint unrivaled by other ad networks,” said Christopher Dessi, Vice President of Advertiser Sales, North America. “We’ve made significant strides over the past year and are dedicated to growing the company’s U.S. presence with new customers, key partnerships and product upgrades throughout 2008.”

zanox’s corporate growth and increased revenue are credited to investments from German Axel Springer AG and Swiss PubliGroupe AG made in May 2007, which enabled the company to grow the number of subsidiaries as well as significantly expand it’s global reach to encompass more than one million sales partners in 200 countries. zanox currently employs 350 staff in total with 150 in Berlin and has offices in 25 other locations worldwide, including the China, France, Spain, Italy, UK and zanox U.S. headquarters in New York City.

“Since its inception almost a decade ago, zanox has continually evolved with the online marketing landscape with an ultimate goal of advancing the monetization of the Internet,” said Thomas Hessler, CEO of zanox. “Looking ahead, zanox will continue searching for new and innovative ways to provide maximum value to advertisers and publishers through further collaboration with our partners, and continuous expansion of the network through global alliances.”

Be sure to check out the zanox Web Services Contest 2008 which will award One Million Euro (roughly 1.57 million US Dollars) Venture Capital for the best business model based on the zanox Web services. Deadline for entry is September 30, 2008; open to registrants in the United States.

About zanox

zanox.de AG is the global leading provider for success orientated online marketing and offers global solutions for efficient commercialism of products and services in the Internet for advertiser and supports publisher in achieving sales out of their traffics. The portfolio of zanox contains tools for cooperation- and search engine marketing to build up a decommission system and reference marketing via email.

zanox was founded in 2000 by CEOs Thomas Hessler, Heiko Rauch and Jens Hewald and employs more than 350 people. Headquartered in Berlin zanox operates offices in USA, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Scandinavia and China. More than 2,000 prestigious international companies across the business sectors TIMES, Travel, Retail & Shopping as well as Financial Services utilize the zanox network.

Since 2007 Axel Springer holds 60% and PubliGroupe 40% of zanox. Axel Springer is Germany’s biggest newspaper publishing house and third-largest magazine publisher. PubliGroupe AG is an independent, internationally leading marketing, sales and service group for media and advertisers, supporting these in implementing their communication and media strategies with marketing and technology services.