AzoogleAds – iMedia HotSpot – First post!

November 19, 2007

Ad:Tech Recap

November 9, 2007

Another Ad:Tech in New York has come and gone (at the speed of light, as usual). It’s Friday morning, and I’m still feeling the effects of a crazy few days, but I have to admit it…I LOVE this show. There’s really nothing better than getting out there and selling. I eat it up. I love meeting new people at Ad:Tech, seeing familiar faces, and course I get a kick out of the sheer volume of people in attendance. This year was unprecedented. The numbers vary, but suffice to say…there were a LOT of people packing into that New York Hilton. I joked with a few colleagues that the families that were in town on vacation must have been horrified to see all of the meetings being conducted in the lounge, lobby, restaurants, and surrounding establishments. It got to be so crowded that I even took meetings standing in the lobby. Two of those meeting were with large partners (it’s a good thing that I can also call them friends), and we all had a good laugh at it. “welcome to my office, please stand here” 🙂

AzoogleAds generated sufficient buzz at the booth as we continue to grow and gain market share. We poised to have another break out year in 2008!

Some of the best fun happened after the show when an colleague and I shot our video for our iMedia Spot (keep an eye out for it)! I’m certainly not an actor, but Audrey Breheney one of our Sr. Affiliate Managers is an Actress as well as an industry pro, so she added a sense of professionalism that this cheesy sales guy just couldn’t muster! It was a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to get it out there!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone about how they felt Ad:tech was for them.