Stop Complaining

January 24, 2009

Bad news, bad economy, bad lay-offs, bad bosses, bad companies, and bad people.  

So what.  find your bootstraps and pick yourself up by em’ (credit Noelle Mullin)  I’m hitting my breaking point for bad news, and I want to talk about it. Truthfully, it’s not that bad. You have your health, you have your friends, you have your family.  Start from there, and start to give thanks.  It’s easy to complain, and whine and moan. It’s difficult to look on the bright side. It’s terrifying to be the most excited guy in the room.  It’s horrible to storm out of the room charging and realize that nobodies behind you. So what. You can do it, you have the ability the talent and the support. Life isn’t about the house you live in. You’re not your car. You’re not your clothes.  Be great to people. Love them. Unconditionally. Give thanks – daily.  I promise you it will get better.  

Once again I need to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for the inspiration here. This guy is a tornado of positivity. I’m SURE he’s feeling the economic downturn with his business.  I’m SURE he’s tired from all of the travelling he does.  I’m SURE he COULD complain – but he doesn’t. It’s counter productive.  Be positive – you have a lot to be grateful for.  Sit and think about it. You’re breathing right?  AWESOME!  You’re reading this aren’t you?  AWESOME!   


Life is FANTASTIC!!!

Yahoo Layoffs this Wednesday

December 8, 2008


According to the Alley Insider:

In mid-November, Kara Swisher reported that the bloodletting would take place on December 10, this coming Wednesday.

Layoffs from Yahoo! could mean great news for Yahoo! competitors in the online advertising ecosystem.  It’s strikes me that some of these individuals being laid off are not being asked to leave due to poor performance.  It’s also worth stating that these are highly training people with a depth and breath of experience in the online world that is highly saught after.  I see opportunity here for the few companies that may be in hiring mode to get highly qualified candidates at reduced salaries. 


Online Ads are Alive and Well

November 25, 2008

Despite our current financial crisis, US Internet ad revenue rose in the 3rd quarter of 2009 according to Yahoo Finance AP Writer Rachel Metz.

Metz goes on to say “The report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said that online advertising revenue totaled almost $5.9 billion in the third quarter, up 11 percent from the same period last year. It marked a 2 percent rise from the second quarter.”

Seeing an increase regarding any economic activity these days is a good thing, but it’s certainly encouraging for the online world to see stories like this.  The manner in which online advertisers can performance (when a consumer clicks on ads) is a direct indicator of it’s success.  Other media doesn’t offer the ability for the advertiser to track ROI.  Online advertising is truly Direct Marketing on Steroids.

FINALLY – Good news!

Free Credit Reports

September 25, 2008

After having worked at performance based ad networks for the past 3 years, you learn a lot about what offers work, and which don’t. After our difficult economic downturn recently, people are panicking about their credit reports. These offers – or ones that seem to offer a “free credit report” don’t really offer the credit report for free. Mostly they are placed on sites that incent the user to sign up in order to get something else in return (points for example – to purchase another product). In affiliate marketing, these offers perform exceptionally well. Don’t be fooled.

I’m writing this post as a sort of warning to read the fine print. When you’re looking to get a free credit report, certain companies don’t offer the service for free at all. Annual Credit Reports are used as the lead in for a continuity program that could charge as much as $20/month if you’re not careful. You may want to take a look at a few of the most reputable services first.

Here’s a short list:


Good luck, and keep your eyes peeled for the fine print. These companies aren’t doing anything illegal – this is just a heads up that you’re going to get “pinged” $20 a month for the service.