Why I think Gary Vaynerchuk Missed this One

April 28, 2009

Times are hard, companies are strapped, and people should get used to seeing more and more changes like this. Until the recession lifts, this will have to be the way it goes. I’m sure the person that made the decision to make that change saved a few ESPN jobs by doing so.

Originally posted as a comment by Chris Dessi on Gary Vaynerchuk using Disqus.

The Power of Small: How Little Gestures can Make Your Brands Social Community a Hit

April 23, 2009

As more and  more brands take the leap into Social Media we continue to hear  horror stories.  Some brands think that they should jump on the Social Media Bandwagon, create a community  – set it, and forget it.  BIG mistake. 2945559128_53078d246b2

While attending the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco  I sat in on a session regarding something that I didn’t even know existed before  – Community Managers. The title of the session was What would the Community Manager Do?  Micki Krimmel @mickipedia presented ideas that are worth restating there, and are certainly appropriate consider all of the brands jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon.

The 4 Tenants of the Community Manager:

  1. Creators
  2. Empathizers
  3. Pattern recognizers
  4. Meaning makers

Community Advocate – Listening to what the community wants – solving customer needs

Brand Evangelist – PR Events and Panels, participate, vision and personality – admit mistakes

Flexible – Can’t just be a megaphone for the PR company

Communication – Shape editorial, new media tools, responsive, 2 way street

Gathers Input – Actively seek input, build relationships, ask questions, report feedback

How do you hire a community manager?

The person you hire for this role MUST reflect your brands core values.  Micki shared a job offer she received from Tesla car company. She knew instinctively that this was not the appropriate role for her because she isn’t passionate about cars.  If you’re a brand looking for a community manager you must hire your biggest fan.

How do you fit this role into your company?  The community manager must be offered 4 “luxuries” in order to be successful for your brand.

  1. Autonomy
  2. Authority
  3. Agency
  4. Accountability

Your Brand can’t have a “build it and they will come” attitude. Your brand must focus on the little gestures. The conversations, interaction and nuances of your community. Hire the appropriate person in this role, and gain commitment from the whole company/brand to be advocates.

images-3Case Study:
Zappos –

A woman purchased a wallet via Zappos.  She didn’t like the wallet purchase so she returned the wallet and mistakenly left $150 in the wallet. The person that recieved the returned item sent back the $150 to the woman.

You’re successful when EVERYONE is a community manager

Master your Tweetabolism: How to Trim your Follow Fat

April 23, 2009

3161674958_049ed716ab_m2As I continue to immerse myself in Twitter I find there are some problems that have started to rear their ugly head. I’ve been lucky thus far in so much as I’ve been able to resolve said problems relatively quickly.  Currently and issue I’m encountering is how do I figure out who was really worthy of a Follow, and who’s been a lame duck, er..tweeter?

Tweetdeck has been great at letting me see the bigger picture of what’s occurring throughout the day on Twitter, tracking and monitoring certain topics that I’m interested in. For example, search for “social media” and you can view a stream of anyone that mentions Social Media in their Tweets.  I’ll check out someones profile, see if I have interest in following them, make a decision and go for it. This has worked pretty well so far, but what I’m finding is that now I’m following almost 1500 people, and I can’t really keep track of who I want to follow?

There’s a service called Tweepular that’s been a big help with “bulk un-follows”.  It’s perfect to sift through the “get rich quick” guys you may have given a knee-jerk “follow”, and want to remove from your Twitter stream.  You can check them out here: Tweepular

Happy Trimming!

More Candy Talk: I promise No More Skittles – What do Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Have to do with Semantic Search and Email?

April 18, 2009

Remember in the 80’s when some unsuspecting  guy enjoying a large bucket of peanut butter would be happily walking down the street when out of nowhere some guy enjoying a huge chunk of chocolate would collide – than you’d hear “you got your peanut butter in my chocolate” from one guy, than the other would reply “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter”!  Than they’d both realize the wonderful marriage of chocolate and peanut butter – BAM – Peanut Butter Cups are born!  Oh Joy!

images-22Yesterday I thought of a similar marriage of technologies that I think will be very powerful.

Email + Semantic Search.

Now, I know that I can’t be the first person to think of this, so if you know of any companies doing it, and doing it well. Please comment, and link to said company. I want to invest. Here’s why:

Financial Times just invested a large chunk of money into Semantic Search Engine Newssift. These guys have their act together, and they have some very powerful tools for Business to Business Research tools.  They can determine the Sentiment of certain news stories that they index. I think this is fascinating, and certainly applicable for research, even identify protection, Public Relations etc. What if the same technology were applied to Email? What if you were able to tell between the urgent email from your boss and the totally innocuous one from said boss about Thursday’s lunch meeting?  Wouldn’t this be a much more powerful way to sift through your email?  Perhaps you’d need to keep track of any new business opportunities that hit your in box.  Currently if you have no idea who the sender is, this important note may end up in the trash.


Well, I just thought I’d put it out there.  Who knows maybe Newssift will team up with a Email Service provider and offer the service for free.  I’d use it, wouldn’t you?

1000 Twitter Followers: How Social Media is Changing the Game

April 17, 2009

Today I hit a major milestone in the life of an avid Twitterfile. I surpassed 1000 followers.  To those that don’t use Twitter this may not seem like many. They may read about such Twitterati celebrities like @aplusk, @BarackObama, @jimmyfallon, @lancearmstrong, @iamdiddy – but let’s get serious, these people were in the public eye to begin with. To hear that they have hundreds of thousands of people following them shouldn’t come as any surprise. They’re intriguing, talented people that are changing the world, entertaining the world, and breaking records.  picture-6

The reason why my 1000 landmark is monumental is because I’ve never been in the public eye.  I’ve never been a guest on a talk show. I’ve never run a country, starred in a movie , cut a rap album, played in an all-star game or crushed the Tour De France.  That’s specifically why Twitter is exploding.  I have a following. Chris Dessi, father of Talia, married to Laura, son to Patricia and Adrian.  I live in a townhouse in a sleepy little town.  I have a good education, from good schools. I’m a good guy, with good values, and a good family.  I’ve never broken a record, let a alone made one.  But for this moment, I have 1000 people that are interested in what I have to say. Now, of course this is in a micro format (only 140 characters), and I fully understand that not all of my Tweets are read by my loyal flock. What I can tell you is that I get a thrill when I find something fascinating online, Tweet it, and see people Re-Tweet it.  WOW – the power of spreading information, and passing on the good.  I even decided to start #feelgoodfriday – where you can pass on stories that make you feel good.  I tweeted it, and saw people pass on a sweet video I found on youtube.com that documented a unique wedding proposal.  This is fascinating. This is powerful. This is also.. ALMOST the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self actualization will come – with the next iteration of Twitter (who knows what that company will be called). Twitter offers us the ability to fulfill this aspect of our needy little personalities. Today I’m happy that I have 1000 people listening to me. After all isn’t that what we all crave in the end? To be recognized? To be acknowledged? I see you, I’ll follow you, I’ll listen to you.  Twitter is a blast, and can be a powerful business tool. The popularity will not wane, only grow. We’re tapping into some very primal human desires in the interim.  Cool.-

Why Your Business has to be on Twitter; Demographics Aren’t what you think

April 16, 2009

icon_aRecently I’ve been going a little Twitter crazy. There are a few factors involved, not the least of which is that I’m unemployed and learning about Social Media as much as I possibly can. The Twitterverse is bubbling with interesting links, updates, Tweets, and tools to grow your business online using Social Media techniques etc.  What I previously thought Twitter was all about has turned out to not be the case at all. I assumed that this would be a teen environment, and I’d be the goofy dad embarrassing his daughter while tweeting about Yankee Opening Day.  After conducting some research my hunch regarding the demographic has been confirmed.  It seems that the largest demographic according to Quantcast on Twitter is 18-34 year olds.  I think this has to do with the idea that entrepreneurs can build a community via Twitter for FREE. They don’t have to bit on Google Key Words, they don’t have to pay per click on a PPC Network. Just generate killer content, have a voice, and people will follow you. there is a strong sentiment on Twitter of shared ideas, and good behavior. Rarely do you see anyone ranting. Take a look at these numbers – I’m sure they’ll change your opinion if your still on the fence about getting your business involved with Twitter.