Social Media Pundit Quotes

June 9, 2009

“This is clearly the direction where social media campaigns are headed – going beyond simply having a presence on key social sites and also doing something creative that engages customers with your brand.”

Adam Ostrow, Mashable

“Consumers base their buying decisions on reputation, repeat exposure to the brand and being able to relate to the brand. And that’s what this app does. It allows the consumer to go beyond the 30-second television commercial and interact with brand itself.”

– Joe Couceiro, Busch Entertainment Exec VP CMO

“…US ad spending on widgets and applications is projected to reach $70 million, up 75% from 2008.”

– Debra Aho Willimson, eMarketer

“A downturn opens up rare opportunities to outmaneuver rivals.”

“Companies that injudiciously slash marketing spending often find that they later must spend far more in order to recover.”

– David Rhodes and Daniel Selter, Harvard Business Review

“Basically, in a recession, the consideration phase is more important than awareness — and that’s where advertising flops and social applications succeed.”

– Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research

“Social networks are where consumers feel comfortable expressing their feelings—good or bad—about companies, products and services. Marketers, retailers and social networks have an opportunity to tap into this stream of information-sharing.”

– Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer

“Social media is perhaps the most powerful communications platform of the future. Making it viable is more than a VivaKi priority: it is an industry imperative.”

– David Kenny and Jack Klues, VivaKi managing directors


December 9, 2008

Interesting new job site article by Christopher Snyder.  I added a comment at Mashable. 

Here’s an exerpt: claims it has about 35,000 recruiters and over 56,000 jobs while RiseSmart boasts a search of over 1.1 million listings across its sources, including Indeed, Jobster, CareerBuilder and Monster. It also includes many niche sites as well as the corporate sites of Fortune 1000 companies. The larger selection pool is a plus, especially since you aren’t the one sifting through it.

My posted Comment:

This is great, but I do see one issue with them sifting through CareerBuilder and Monster. As these sites continue to grow there’s an increasing occurrence of fraudulent job openings (read: schemes). I’m sure their staff with sift through them before they get to you – but I’ve found that the quality that Theladders provides is unsurpassed. I hope they can prove me wrong.