Performance trumps everything

As our economy worsens and belts continue to tighten online advertisers are even better off.  The reason? ROI – Return on Investment.  There is no other medium where the advertiser knows exactly where ads will run, and can track performance.  There is certainly value in brand advertising, but in order to fully see the power of online advertising, one must only offer a CPA, or CPC and watch the magic happen. Certainly there are risks involved as there are regarding any advertising.  You’ll be well suited to investigate the pitfalls – ie, chargebacks or deductions, click fraud but rest assured if you need to advertise -and you DO, then make it performance based.   teamworkThe worst feeling in the world is spending dollars and you cannot quantify where there went, or the purpose regarding your spend. When you have a paying customer that just paid you $30, and you paid an affiliate $15 to generate that sale, I can guarantee  you’ll migrate your spend to performance driven.


One Response to Performance trumps everything

  1. Ekaterina says:

    Good points. To fully see the power of online advertising we need to make sure that the traffic reported by the publishers is genuine, and our ads are going to be seen by the intended audience. As print media has, we need to develop an online media auditing program to increase accountability. A website that I’ve been involved with,, has some valuable information on the media auditing subject. And even though we don’t have anything like it for the Internet yet (it’s coming VERY soon), I think the principle stands that audited circulation or visitor data is necessary for media buyers to measure ROI.

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