The best thing about Facebook – Reconnecting with old friends

September 27, 2008

Something occurred to me today (after connecting with yet another high school classmate).

The best thing about Facebook is reconnecting with old friends. Facebook has been adopted by such a broad audience, and it accomplishes what sites like and fail to do. Instead of reaching out to your old High School classmates via – we run into them because provides such an engaging platform. I’ve been able to reconnect with more people from Mahopac High School in the past 3 months than in the years since I graduated (1993).
Facebook, Myspace, and other social networks have changed the game. Instead of luring a user in by the prospect of one specific thing (reconnecting with classmates), these social platforms offer you an opportunity to interact on such a more engaging – fun way – who knows if we even need, or anymore? How many of us tried to sign up on one of these sites, excited by the idea of reconnecting, only to be turned off after getting only so far in the process before we had to pony up some cash to continue.

Take note classmates, and – your days are numbered.