The Results are in – Fred Lebow Classic

January 13, 2009

This past Saturday was a ton of fun. I completed my first race of 2009  (Fred Lebow 5miler) and enjoyed every minute of it (well that last mile kinda sucked)…but all in all I can say the event was a success. I was dressed properly (thanks to my lovely wife who surprised me this Christmas with some great outdoor running gear.  I was well rested thanks to my friends the Pace’s for letting me crash on their couch the night before (it’s amazing what 6 solid hours of sleep can do for a guy. I was working on only 4 hours when I ran the half marathon in August!

I beat my goal of a 10 minutes mile – so I’m pleased 9.23mile. If you’re on the fence about competing in a race like this – I HIGHLY recommend it. Being surrounded by people that have set a goal and are on the verge of executing on that goal – it can be magical.

There’s always such a cool positive vibe to these races. New York’s central park is a great place to run, and the people are amazing.

Happy running!