What makes zanox different?

April 8, 2008

zanox is the only global player that offers a Global Alliance Partnership. This cooperative approach to performance based online marketing is unique, and certainly not something that his common in the US. Most of our competition depend greatly on protecting their publisher base, seen by most as the Holy Grail of performance networks. Zanox takes a cooperative approach, and is able to woo larger brand advertisers by providing transparency, and offering global reach via their GAP partnerships worldwide. This unique platform allows zanox to easily penetrate international market by identifying, and cooperating with major competitors in each market. Zanox is the only performance based marketing network offering an indirect sales solution for third party cooperation with international ad networks. The GAP partnership offer participating networks exposure to advertisers and publishers in 30+ countries, 200 currencies and instant access to a portfolio of 200 international advertisers and campaigns. We’ve been successful in executing this partnership in the US, UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Asia, and Australia.