Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library)

September 27, 2008

Last week while at the Web 2.0 Expo at the Javits Center I was lucky enough to see the tornado of energy and passion called Gary Vaynerchuk speak. I had been feverishly taking notes throughout the entire Keynote address because all of the speakers were amazing, but then Gary came out and I stopped writing. I was locked in.

Tonight I had my parents over for dinner, and gathered the family around the dining room table to share the power of Gary’s message. It’s taken a few more times for me to review the video of his presentation to truly grasp just how amazing this guy is. Jesus – I wanted to stand up and say F*CK YEAH.

This guy is pure content. Pure passion. Pure money. Pure hustle. Pure values. Pure work. Pure love about what he does.


I’m in.

I’m picking up with Gary Vaynerchuk is putting down. (Credit Alex Baydin)

Check out the video of what I saw below – you wont’ regret it.

Hey – as I’m writing I was thinking to myself – I would love to interview Gary or someone who is just as passionate about what they do. If anyone has a suggestion about someone just as passionate about life, and their business, please let me know. I’d love to talk to them. Thanks!