Real Estate

March 20, 2009

So last night I was thinking about things that I’m passionate about and how I can potentially start a business around said passion.  I’ve already gotten the ball rolling regarding DadZilla, LLC because I’m super passionate about my family and being a Dad.  It dawned on me that whenever I have “down time” my wife makes fun of me because I obsessively peruse Real Estate sites.  real_estate1I love looking at the listings, especially in Westchester, New York and the surrounding areas (makes sense since we’re in lovely Chappaqua).  So I’m going to start posting about Real Estate.  I’m a total novice, and have no formal training whatsoever – so this isn’t meant to sway anyone’s purchasing decision – just an open discussion regarding something that fascinates me.  Who knows, maybe I’ll hear from some of you that have a similar obsession!

Top 5 Ways to Cope with Getting Let Go

March 19, 2009

There a few ways you can react to getting let go: 

You can: 

1. Wallow in self pity

2. Drink yourself into oblivion 

3. Wallow while drinking

4. Say f- it and head to Figi for a month, and then wallow and drink.

5. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get to work…then maybe have a nice glass of Gary Vaynerchuk recommended vino.

At this point in my life and since I have the responsibilities  of a perfect little girl and a mortgage to pay – I really can only pick option – #5.

That said this week has been a whirlwind of meetings, phone calls and ideas.  Ideas that I’ve been thinking about for months but never really had the time to see to fruition.  I’m saying screw getting down – screw wallowing in self pity. This is opportunity time.  I’m so energized and pumped for these ideas!!

So here they are in no particular order:

I’ve registered two company LLC’s 

1. LookUpInteractive LLC – An idea that I had about two years ago to start my own consulting business.  I just launched the site – and while still VERY bare bones – I’m pumped.  Check it out:

2. Dadzilla LLC – I purchased the url – and I’ve hired a great team of freelancer to help me build the site on evenings and on weekends. It’s not ready to launch but I think it will hit a demo that gets neglected – DADS – I see tons and TONS of parenting advice and there’s really nothing for Dads.  My idea is to host a weekly show that will interview people that can offer advice for Dads – everything from the type of mortgage you should look for to the type of crib you should be getting for the new little addition.  I’ve been blessed to have a phenomenal family that loves and supports me, and I realize that not everyone has that type of support system.  So we need to educate the new Dads out there. They need to keep their new little ones safe and secure.  They also need to know what stuff is a rip off and what stuff they really need – ie, ditch the frills and invest in a gate so your baby doesn’t take a spill down the steps! logo

There are a lot more where these came from – so let me hear your feedback?  Kill me with constructive feedback guys I want these ideas to take off and I need your help – what do you think?

A New Beginning

March 18, 2009

Thursday Miva was acquired by AdKnowledge, Inc. This is phenomenal news for the talented folks running Miva Direct.  Robert Roe and Mark Ribaudo have a vision for the Miva Direct team that I’m excited to see come to fruition in the coming weeks.  I won’t be a part of that vision because this Monday I was let go.  This is the best thing to happen for me.  This is an opportunity for growth, learning and expansion.  I worked very hard in the months that I spent at Miva Direct and I hope that the team experiences nothing but success.  They all deserve the best.  Now, I must start the journey to look for my next challenge.  

Today, I’m bursting with ideas, happiness, and a feeling that everything happens for a reason.  I’ve decided that I will take some time to be with my family and decide the best opportunity for us. A hasty decision is dangerous, and I want to ensure that I make a decision to move from a pure place, and not a place that is based in financial concern.  

There is so much opportunity in front of me, and I’m excited that this is an opportunity for me to “practice what I preach”.  I have posted on here before regarding the recession, and our perception of the world around us when we’re in the midst of a recession.   Some responded saying that my outlook was unreasonable and much too positive.  I disagree.  Life is not an enemy.  I don’t want war.  I want peace, love and a non hostile environment.  My relationship with the present moment is not a means to an end.  I see my present moment as the only thing that I have.  Life is inseparable from the now.  Now, life is abundant.

  • Now, I have the love of a phenomenal woman.  
  • Now, I have a daughter that is celebrating her first birthday next month, and brings pure joy to my life.2416575556_74337bb7cf_m1
  • Now, I have a family and friends that have reached out to me with love, support and encouragement.  

How lucky am I?

I see the disfunction in grasping for the future, of reacting to the panick of unemployment.  This will not support a smooth transition into a new role. This will only support decision making that is fear based. This won’t help me find a role that is a fulfilling career move.  I may find a “job”, but not an environment where I can be surrounded by like minded positive people.  Life’s much too short for me to seek only financial success.  I’ve seen the danger of this mentality. My actions today are empowered by my intention to do good, act for the good of the people I encounter in my life, and the refusal to feel bitter, rejected, or down.   Too many of us are unaware that we have an inner wisdom of intuition that guides us.  Today is a day I’ve never lived before, and I’m glad to be alive today.  I give to life what I expect life to give to me. I love life.  

Out of this situation, only good will come.

MIVA, Inc. Completes All-Cash Asset Sale of MIVA Media Business to Adknowledge

March 12, 2009

MIVA, Inc. Focuses on ALOT Search-Related Products; Streamlines Ongoing Operations; Defines 2009 Strategy Thursday March 12, 2009, 1:54 pm EDT Buzz up! Print Related: MIVA Inc. NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MIVA, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIVA – News) today announced the completion of the sale of assets relating to its MIVA Media operations to advertising network, Adknowledge, for cash consideration of approximately $11.6 million, plus assumption of certain balance sheet liabilities, and subject to certain retained assets and liabilities and post-closing adjustments. Related Quotes Symbol Price Change MIVA 0.23 +0.09 The transaction further streamlines MIVA, Inc.’s operations and accelerates the company’s strategy of developing and expanding its high margin, consumer-oriented toolbar, homepage and desktop search-related products. As a result of the transaction, MIVA, Inc. has reduced total headcount from 129 on December 31 2008 to approximately 50, which includes the transfer of approximately 75 MIVA Media and certain corporate staff to Adknowledge. MIVA, Inc.’s remaining employees will work predominantly out of the company’s New York offices, with a small number remaining in Fort Myers, Florida. MIVA, Inc. intends to use the proceeds from the sale of the MIVA Media business to focus on the expansion of its ALOT product portfolio. Peter Corrao, MIVA, Inc.’s President and CEO, commented: “We believe that consolidation is required in the Pay-Per-Click sector and that Adknowledge is extremely well positioned to take advantage of MIVA Media’s assets.” “MIVA, Inc.’s ongoing strategy is to focus on developing and expanding our ALOT products and monetizing the high value type-in search they deliver. The transaction delivers increased capital and, importantly, will enable us to focus our technology, business development and product marketing teams on the growth and expansion of our ALOT brand.” MIVA, Inc.’s common stock continues to trade on the NASDAQ under the trading symbol ‘MIVA’. MIVA, Inc. intends to change its name and ticker symbol in the near future. The investment bank Petsky Prunier LLC acted as financial advisors and Baker & McKenzie LLP and Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP acted as legal advisors to MIVA, Inc. in connection with the sale of the MIVA Media business. About MIVA, Inc. MIVA, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIVA – News) is an Internet company that owns and operates the ALOT product portfolio. ALOT’s products are designed to ‘Make the Internet Easy’ by enhancing the way consumers engage with content online. The company’s millions of active users utilize ALOT to discover ‘best-of-the-web’ third party content, display that content through customizable toolbar, homepage and desktop products and deliver high value search traffic to MIVA, Inc for in-house and third-party monetization. Forward-looking Statements This press release contains certain forward-looking statements that are based upon current expectations and involve certain risks and uncertainties within the meaning of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words or expressions such as “anticipate”, “plan,” “will,” “intend,” “believe” or “expect'” or variations of such words and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors, some of which are beyond our control and difficult to predict and could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or forecasted in the forward-looking statements, including (1) our planned use of proceeds, (2) our ability to successfully execute upon our corporate strategies, including our plans for the MIVA Direct business and the ALOT products, (3) our ability to develop and successfully market new products and services, and (4) the potential acceptance of new products in the market. Additional key risks are described in MIVA’s reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Form 10-K for fiscal 2007 and our most recently filed Form 10-Q. Contact: MIVA, Inc. Peter Corrao, 239-561-7229 President and CEO

From Attitude to Gratitude

March 4, 2009

This morning something fascinating happened. 

During my commute in on the train I read an article so timely and so appropriate in the  Wall Street Journal:  that I made copies and passed it out to our team.  I was feeling so positive today, so convinced that our team was pulling itself out of the muck and mire of complaining and feeling the negative effects of the recession etc, and turning a corner to producing.  I shared it to be a point of positivity, to spread a feeling of good will and general warm feeling about what we’ve been through and are accomplishing.  I felt they would appreciate the timeliness of the note, smile and file it away under “nice article”…

Most did.

An anonymous someone apparently did not, and left the article crumpled in a ball outside my office door. 


The article’s title is “From Attitude to Gratitude: This is No Time for Complaints” by Jeffrey Zaslow. What could have been so offensive to warrant a response of that nature?

Well, the general”zeitgeist” of the article is that when recession hits people tend to complainn less, and realize just how lucky they are to be gainfully employed etc.  Zaslow cites that

“Job satisfaction is actually up according to a December 2008 survey by Yahoo! HotJobs.”  People are more grateful for what they have an hesitant to wine and complain. 


Jeffrey goes on to quote Dr. McHenry

“A lot of young people grumble due to entitlement” Dr. McHenry encourages us to write down three things we’re grateful for every day – no matter how simple they might seem. “Some days, ” she says, “the list might be as basic as oxygen, food and shelter”

This final quote inspired me to even add this as my status on facebook this morning:

Chris is wondering what are 3 things that you’re grateful for today? – 1.My Family 2.My Job 3. The recent development of a sports page in the WSJ are mine 🙂

So what could have triggered this person to crumple up the article and leave it outside my office?  I guess I’ll never know.  Perhaps as my mother says “A guilty conscience needs no accuser”

But I’ll tell you one thing – I’m certainly not going to complain about it 😉

Why Skittles Rule

March 3, 2009

This morning while reading the Journal there was a huge story covering Skittles.  Apparently they have some super savvy people working over there at Mars Snackfood because the team has leveraged the heck out of social media, and they’re reaping the rewards – Skittle style.  When asked for a quote regarding the brand, their Agency Strategist offered one of the most delightful fun descriptions of a brand I’ve ever heard:unicorn

Ben Weisman, a strategist at Iris-New York, said the move paints Skittles as a “daring, out-of-the-box, unicorn-riding, candy-loving, fantasy-meets-reality, rainbow-tasting” brand.

I wish the world had more brands with “Unicorn-riding” in the description.

Mission accomplished Iris.