Stop Complaining

January 24, 2009

Bad news, bad economy, bad lay-offs, bad bosses, bad companies, and bad people.  

So what.  find your bootstraps and pick yourself up by em’ (credit Noelle Mullin)  I’m hitting my breaking point for bad news, and I want to talk about it. Truthfully, it’s not that bad. You have your health, you have your friends, you have your family.  Start from there, and start to give thanks.  It’s easy to complain, and whine and moan. It’s difficult to look on the bright side. It’s terrifying to be the most excited guy in the room.  It’s horrible to storm out of the room charging and realize that nobodies behind you. So what. You can do it, you have the ability the talent and the support. Life isn’t about the house you live in. You’re not your car. You’re not your clothes.  Be great to people. Love them. Unconditionally. Give thanks – daily.  I promise you it will get better.  

Once again I need to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for the inspiration here. This guy is a tornado of positivity. I’m SURE he’s feeling the economic downturn with his business.  I’m SURE he’s tired from all of the travelling he does.  I’m SURE he COULD complain – but he doesn’t. It’s counter productive.  Be positive – you have a lot to be grateful for.  Sit and think about it. You’re breathing right?  AWESOME!  You’re reading this aren’t you?  AWESOME!   


Life is FANTASTIC!!!

Facebook Statuses

January 24, 2009

Recently more than ever I’m fascinated by the statuses that my friends, family, and colleagues share on facebook.  There are some that use the status as an opportunity to vent about their ailments, complain about their work. Some are fantastically humorous and others border on too much information (I made this mistake), and was quickly notified that I’d crossed the line for sharing. Lesson learned.  

Personally I enjoy getting as many comments as I can with my statuses. It’s become a little game I play.  Post a status on the train ride home and see what I can stir up. Recently the most responded too statuses have been any where I reference the 80’s or my generations childhood. If I can remind people what it felt like when they were 15 – they’re all over the comments, and it’s a total blast. I’m not a great writer, nor am I witty enough to keep things that interesting…but here are a few of my favorites I’ve recently posted.   images


Chris is feeling GREAT – you know kinda like when you walked into class expecting an exam but saw a substitute and a projector. That RULED

Chris is Mr freeze-meister, I’m Mr snow… I’m Mr icicle, I’m Mr 10 below


Chris is wondering, what where Sleastaks, and if they ended up in the Land of the Lost too, how did they find those kids? Just sayin’.

Chris is wondering if Gary Gnews’s status says “no Gnews, is good Gnews with Gary Gnews.

Chris is feelin’ like Frank the Tank – BIG day – BB and Beyond-maybe some Home Depot.

Chris can kick your ass in hungry hungry hippo. (credit to Gary Vaynerchuk for this one)..


Chris is rockin’ around the Christmas tree..CANNOT get that outta my head – now it’s in yours….Merry Christmas….

Chris is thrilled that there’s a public forum where he can talk about himself in the 3rd person; Chris is REALLY enjoying that.

Video: Steve Jobs Giving His First Big Demo

January 24, 2009

Video: Steve Jobs Giving His First Big Demo

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Tech Layoffs Come Back With a Vengeance: 80,000 In January, Approaching 200,000 Total

January 24, 2009

Tech Layoffs Come Back With a Vengeance: 80,000 In January, Approaching 200,000 Total

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