5 ways to Motivate

January 13, 2009

Working in the interactive space you encounter all kinds. There are the newly minted rich – sometimes great people that are humbled by their successes, and…well, sometimes not.  Similarly within any organization it’s apparent that you won’t have a full staff of easily motivated sales people running around the office shouting about what a great company they work for.  On the flip side of that coin is the reserved, cerebral tech person that perhaps is a bit introverted.  I tend to be the former, and frankly I’m still trying to crack the code to access what drives the later crowd.  Here are 5 things I’ve found to be effective when motivating teams that include all types of individuals:

  • Try to influence behavior rather than to change personalities
    • Personalities (for the most part won’t change), and this is a good thing. Not everyone can be just like you.  That’s what makes the world great, and it’s most likely what makes your work place such a rich wonderful place to work. 
  • Encourage and reward constructive behavior
    • Just because someone is introverted doesn’t mean they don’t have an opinion.  Offer outlets for those individuals to voice needs and wants.  Also, allow a time for the extroverts to be introspective and share.  Anything that can facilitate communication in this instance is good.
  • Take care that people’s lower level needs are met3096055963_1f5ba28a9a_m
    • Not everyone wants to make a million dollars. Sometimes all a person needs is to be validated, to feel like a part of the team.  We’re all that same scared little kid that didn’t get picked for the team at some point.  Be empathetic enough to pick up on it when a team member needs some ego stroking – they deserve i
    • Say thank you whenever it’s merited
    • Say thank you when you don’t mean it, and you’ll lose em.  Say thank you when you mean it, and you can change the world.
  • Add Public praise to private words and raise pride
    • After you say thank you in private, praise them in a public forum.  If it’s truly merited, it will create a seismic shift.

The Results are in – Fred Lebow Classic

January 13, 2009

This past Saturday was a ton of fun. I completed my first race of 2009  (Fred Lebow 5miler) and enjoyed every minute of it (well that last mile kinda sucked)…but all in all I can say the event was a success. I was dressed properly (thanks to my lovely wife who surprised me this Christmas with some great outdoor running gear.  I was well rested thanks to my friends the Pace’s for letting me crash on their couch the night before (it’s amazing what 6 solid hours of sleep can do for a guy. I was working on only 4 hours when I ran the half marathon in August!

I beat my goal of a 10 minutes mile – so I’m pleased 9.23mile. If you’re on the fence about competing in a race like this – I HIGHLY recommend it. Being surrounded by people that have set a goal and are on the verge of executing on that goal – it can be magical.

There’s always such a cool positive vibe to these races. New York’s central park is a great place to run, and the people are amazing.

Happy running!