Top 10 Events of 2008

After reviewing my rather stuffy list of predictions for 2009 (albeit laser accurate, I guarantee it)… something was missing.  So, after no demand whatsoever – here’s a list of things that only effected me and my family.  I’m going to make you sit through it because I think some of these things could effect your life too (seriously)

Drum role please – here are the top 10 events of 2008 – from my perspective, regardless their bearing on personal, or business events:

10.  Moving into our Townhouse.  Scary as hell, but well worth it.  Chappaqua rocks, and my baby girl has her own bedroom.  Cool, very cool


9.  A New job! Miva Direct, – After learning more at Azoogle than I think I can truly comprehend this early in my career (special thanks to Don Mathis, Alex Zhardanovsky, Joe Speiser and Brett Lofgren), and then experiencing on of the most intense roller coaster rides of my career at zanox, I’ve very happily landed at Miva Direct (a division of Miva Inc), and parent to our flagship brand I’m revisiting my direct marketing roots, and I’m fired up to come into work again…priceless.

8. A new business – (should be ready to rumble late Q1, 2009)dadzilla-mockup

7. Web 2.0 Expo –  This is where I learned about Gary Vaynerchuk, and,, mzinga and the the concept of “We are greater than Me”

6. Techcrunch50 – the conference was broadcast live on  I watched every minute, and loved every minute.  Some favorites –, and stand out.

5.   The Secret – It may be psycho-babble to some people, but the road to self help began with watching the Secret.  It was a defining wake up call for a guy that was fine with being mediocre.  Since viewing, I’ve become a Vice President, made more money in the past three years than the previous 5 of my career, bought a townhouse in a phenomenal town (see number 10), and started meditating.  Suffice to say mediocrity is no longer on the agenda.

4.  A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61)
This brilliant book has changed the way I perceive the world.  If reading and seeing the Secret was the appetizer, A New Earth was the main course.  I highly recommend it.  The concepts are at times a bit obtuse, but it will always have you thinking.

3.  UFC – Ultimate Fighter Season 5
– Although it seems like an odd one, I’m hooked.  I’m impressed with the athletes, and at the same time intrigued by Dana White and his business acumen.  I’m a huge fan.

2. John and Kate Plus 8 – Let’s take a look at the total antithesis of Ultimate Fighting – John and Kate Plus 8.  A reality show about a family that (although they already had twins), decided to try for another, and ended up with sextuplets.  If you ever feel that you’re overwhelmed at work, with family etc.  Watch the show, and admire the manner in which these two sleep deprived parents can communicate and parent without killing each other.   A must watch for any parent. Plus the kids are adorable.  This show will certainly put you in a good mood.

1. Talia Ann Dessi – Magic, just magic.  From being there when she was born, to watching her notice her hands for the first time, my perfect daughter has taught me how to see the world through a whole new set of eyes, and for that I’m forever in her debt.  She’s pure joy, pure light, and the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.t

Happy New Year everyone!


2 Responses to Top 10 Events of 2008

  1. Sean Power says:

    Thanks for the Akoha mention! We appreciate it! If you have any questions about Akoha, you can always reach out to me (sean at akoha dot com).

  2. Kurt says:

    Commenting on your #4 (although your #1 is incredible!)
    Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now changed my life significantly a few years ago as well. And it was at one of his early retreats (2002) where I met my wife, Karen. I also attended another retreat of his… Later, when his book, A New Earth came out it again created change (including some chaos in the process) in my life, profound change. After reading it several times and using it in my practice I created an index for it that you might want to use….see and check it out.

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