Yahoo Layoffs this Wednesday

December 8, 2008


According to the Alley Insider:

In mid-November, Kara Swisher reported that the bloodletting would take place on December 10, this coming Wednesday.

Layoffs from Yahoo! could mean great news for Yahoo! competitors in the online advertising ecosystem.  It’s strikes me that some of these individuals being laid off are not being asked to leave due to poor performance.  It’s also worth stating that these are highly training people with a depth and breath of experience in the online world that is highly saught after.  I see opportunity here for the few companies that may be in hiring mode to get highly qualified candidates at reduced salaries. 


Six Senses

December 8, 2008

In a recent post regarding Daniel Pink’s new book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the FutureI committed to reading the book.  I lied. Sort of.  I downloaded the audiobook  

I’ve been enjoying everything about this book. Daniel Pinkis certainly capturing the essence of something that I feel is changing the world we live in.  Not only are some of his ideas fresh and new, but he’s presented them in a manner that will silence critics.  I’m encouraged that a movement toward giving right brained thinkers more respect and accolades indicates that our culture is growing as a collective. 

Here are the list of 6 senses that describes as being key differentiators for our future leaders.  I’ve already touched on these in past posts, but after hearing the audiobook, I feel they’re worth reiterating;

1. Design – A Movement beyond function

2. Story –Those that will succeed need to not only present an argument, but they must add persuasive narrative

3. Symphony – I love the sound of this one – Putting all of these pieces together and seeing the big picture

4. Empathy – Extending beyond just logic

5. Play Pink regards play with as much esteem as other traits – indicating that games and humor must play a role in our lives.

6. Meaning – Pink references research of college students who instead of articulating an interest to make boat loads of money when asked what they want to do – they speak of making a difference – having purpose – and contributing to the greater good. 

I’m sure I’ll provide more from Pink’s book
I’m fascinated, and encouraged at the same time.