Brainstorming for Toolbar and Homepage

December 3, 2008

Today we held our first brainstorming session since I’ve been on the Miva Direct team.  It was a huge success.  I want to share three things that I think helped us stay on point, and leave the room with a great feeling of accomplishment.

1.  Goals – My colleague Sean Conrad pointed out that before we start the brainstorming process we needed to articulate the goal of the meeting.  This goal was shared with the group prior to our meeting, and I wrote it on the white board for everyone to reference during the session.

2. No interruptions – Key to our success today was respect.  Respect for the product team, marketing team, and sales/BD teams that were all represented.  This rule again was communicated via email to the team first, and reiterated on the white board.

3. We are greater than Me.  I’ve attempted to make it clear to the entire Miva team that we are greater together than as individuals, and once we harness this power – we’ll be ready to make some great things happen.


We took copious notes, and will assign cost analysis to team members.  Once that’s complete an airtight proposal will be issued to management.  This is the first step in toward truly integrating all brainpower for the brand.  I’m fired up, and I think the team was excited as well.