Last night I was able to redeem a credit I had accumulated as a member at Audible.com.  I’ve been thinking about cancelling my membership, but I recently read a review for the book Outliers: The Story of Success.  Although I’m also in the middle of reading another book, I think Outliers may have my attention for now.  Malcolm Gladwell raises some amazing questions about what makes people huge successes. 

Although I’ve only listened to about 1/4 of the book, there are already some fascinating insights. 

1. If your child is older than his or her classmates may indicate their success in athletics.

2. That once you reach a certain IQ score, there really is no difference in how successful you’ll become – ie, over 120 is “good enough”.  The rest is up to the individual.

Some of these points may be counter intuitive to you, or they may seem so obvious, but most people just don’t really acknowledge them as being huge factors in determining their own success. Either way, the audio book is fascinating.


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