New York Giants Plaxico Burress

Ok, this is a first for me on this blog, but since the man Gary Vaynerchuk gets away with jawwing about his Jets, then I think it’s time I talk about my Giants.  At least this isn’t some horrible post about how I feel Eli Manning is the second coming. Nor is it a discussion about how terrified I am that the Giant’s will pull a New England style choke in the post season.  Nope – just really want to ask Plaxico WTF?

Plaxico is facing charges frm an incident at a nightclub Friday night with another Giants’ player Antonio Pierce.  After being confronted about having a handgun at the club by security, Plaxico attempted to unload the gun, and you guessed it folks, shot himself in the right thigh.

The bullet went through the skin and muscle tissue of his right thigh and did not hit any major arteries, and there were no broken bones.  Plaxico was kept in the hospital overnight and was released on Saturday.  He is expected to make a full recovery. 

This story couldn’t be more perfect for SNL’s “Really” sketch.  You just won a superbowl, your team is about to have the best regular season in franchise history, and you feel it’s necessary to hit the clubs with an unlicensed gun?  REALLY Plaxico?  REALLY?  I mean, really.



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