The First 100 Days

We all understand that the first days on a new job are critical, but how many have taken it a step further, and articulated what goals and objectives you have for yourself and your organization throughout those 100 days.  I’ve already started the ball rolling, and will spend the next week and 1/2 doing the following:

1. Absorbing information

  • Currently I’m reviewing and learning about MIVA, and

2. Defining challenges ahead

  • My direct manager Mark Ribaudo, Vice President Sales & Marketing and I will review all challenges, and attempt to define anything throughout that process that may creep up later.  I’m looking for the support of the MIVA team to feel comfortable offering as candid feedback as possible.  Sharing what may need to be changed, and what has worked in the past.  Feedback, and open lines of communication are key.

3. Assessing management 

  • We’re setting up meetings that will happen throughout my first weeks on the job for management to meet and assess my skills, and to see how well I fit into the corporate culture, as well as give me an opportunity to answer any questions they may have about me, my past, or my agenda for the future of MIVA and

4. Preparing emotionally and physically

  • I am a spiritual and physically active person.  I practice Yoga, Meditate, Run competitively, and lift weights.  I believe that these activities help to keep me focused, grounded and at my peak performance at all times.   It will be imperative that I continue my workout regime, continue to attend mass (which I just recently started to do again after my daughter’s christening), and  stay as healthy as possible throughout this sprint of my first 100 days.

A solid foundation throughout this time, will help to propel MIVA into 2009.  I have so much to learn, and so many smart, dynamic people to meet in the coming weeks.  I really cannot wait to get started!


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