New Projects

Recently I’ve investigated starting a few side projects that are finally coming to fruition.  

Firstly, my wife Laura just completed her certification for Pilates Mat instruction, so I’m helping her generate some leads for private lessons.  We’re developing a logo using outsourced graphic designers, and I purchased a URL for her at

Secondly, I’ve always wanted to start an online consulting firm, so I’ve also purchased a URL for Look Up Interactive.  The name is from a comment that my Grandfather made to me once years ago. I went to him looking for advice. I was about to commence a year long study abroad program in Leuven, Belgium.  I asked him what’s the one piece of advice he thought would be most valuable to me while abroad.  He answered “Look Up”.  I’ve used this simple advice as a metaphor for life.  I try to take a step back, and absorb the world around me, and try to not get too caught up in the small stuff.  Today I received the first drafts for our logo, and I’m super excited. The designers I’ve found via, have been great.  More on these drafts later…

Finally, I’ve just committed funds to implement my most exciting project – called  I’ve purchased numerous URL’s around the name, and have just started to work with a firm via to design and implement my vision for the business.  Here is the first draft for the home page, which I think looks fantastic:


Here is the general theme of what a “DadZilla” is, per my definition submitted to Urban Dictionary on October 1st:


Not to be confused with Momzilla – which has been linked to Bridezilla and has a decidedly negative connotation, a Dadzilla is (completely with every ounce of his being) – involved Dad. He is an enlightened Dad that feels not obligation to anyone other than his family. He is proud to place his priorities in perfect order with his family front and center. He can be spotted proudly carrying his child through a mall in a baby bjorn, and has been known to cut out of work an hour early to coach his sons little league game. He is evolved and comfortable in his own skin. He embraces the silliness of learning how to be a great dad. He takes on his responsibility with a fiery enthusiasm. He can only be described as a Dadzilla! 
Joe’s a freakin’ Dadzilla – the guy coaches little league, tutors both kids in math, and takes his daughter to tap dancing lessons

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