Live Well

Randy Pauch talked during his last public speaking appearance not about beating the “reaper” by living longer – but beating the reaper by living “better”… He advised the audience to find your PASSION.

I want to hear from others what you think your passion is?

I think I’ve found that passion in my family. My love for my daughter is indescribable. My love and respect for my wife – unsurpassable. I strive to be thought well of. I seek my passion, and I hope that you all do as well. I believe that passion is grounded in PEOPLE – and what they will think of you when your gone. Make a connection today. Talk to you cube mate about their family. Seek out that kind of passion, seek out that kind of love.

it’s not the things we do in life that we regret – it’s the things we do NOT.

Live well today.


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