Meteoric Breakthrough –

Ziggs is a cool new way to “organize and connect with people in a professional way”. The service has a harmless enough angle – sign up for free, and they’ll help you manage your online image. Sounds great right? Ziggs gets interesting when you dig a little more and realize what sets it apart from the usual suspects of linkedin, and naymz . They also notify you when someone searches for your name via Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and few other notables). Ok, that’s rocking good news. I’m in. I’m sold, I’m signed up. Go ahead, search for me, I dare you…I’ll know you did it. Nice.

The true usage for Ziggs. – so that user can manage their personal brand is bound to get lost in the clutter of this sort of reverse big brother action you can pull.

Enjoy your first month for free, because afterward they charge you $4.95 per month.

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