Fall is here

As we slide into the last days of September suffice to say: Fall is officially upon us.

What does that mean if you’re an affiliate marketer? Well, I thought I’d list the top 3 things that every affiliate marketer should be thinking about right now. Christmas is closer than you think, and Halloween is upon us.. So yes – you should be thinking about certain key things other than the Fall Foliage of course).

1. Halloween Offers
2. Christmas Offers
3. Ad:Tech New York

Regarding #1
For some networks this may be too little too late. Halloween offers are already converting like crazy, and if you don’t have the bandwidth to get these offers up and running by early next week, then you’re already behind.

Regarding #2
Christmas offers can mean simply reaching out to your best advertises on your network and requesting some great Christmas landing pages, or Christmas creative. Even requesting some special Christmas coupons, discounts, or any kind of “freemium” type of offering will help you out this holiday season.

Regarding #3
I’ll be speaking at the show this year, and if it’s even remotely near the insanity of last year than we’re all in for a massive treat. The New York Hilton becomes a complete madhouse – and truthfully – I love it.

Finally – no, I have no idea what I’m going to be this year for Halloween

Got any suggestions?


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