Last week during the Web 2.0 Expo I was simultaneously awestruck, and jump out of my seat excited. There were so many amazing companies, brilliant minds, and individuals that not only came to the table with impressive resume’s, but people that brought that intangible “something”.

One of those people was Barry Libert of What an interesting, out of the box type of guy. Barry gave his presentation on the last session during the next to last day (I believe). It was late afternoon, and he was able to actually get us out of our seats and interacting with each other….wow.

The main point of his presentation was that “WE is much much more powerful than ME”.…what a novel idea.

A few points that stuck out for me that companies can readily apply to be more “we” friendly:

1. Be Social – Create a forum to open the lines of communication with your clients (Starbucks)
2. Be Co- Creative – Start idea shares, and encourage innovation
3. Be Open – Start a company blog and join social networks
4. Be Rewarding – hold contests – and give back to the community
5. Be Evaluative – Survey, review comments and ratings of your services to IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCT!

What a dynamic inspiring guy. A Session well spent – thank you Web 2.0 Expo!


2 Responses to Mzinga

  1. Barry Libert says:


    Thanks for coming out to listen to my presentation. I showed this blog post to my kids and they thought it was great. Glad to know that my speech was well received.

    If you ever want to chat in the future, feel free to email me at or you can read my blog here I’ll have a We Are Smarter book sent to you if you don’t have a copy. Just email me an address.


  2. cdessi says:


    Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment. As I stated in my email to you – I’m sorry about the delayed reply but I didn’t see your comment when my blog was on Blogger.


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