It’s that time of year again, when EVERYONE in the interactive space converges on NYC and hits Ad:Tech. This show has grown so rapidly in the past 3 years, that I think I’m not alone when I say that it’s outgrown the current venue (Hilton Hotel). I’m hoping the organizers come around, and take a look at the Javits Center for next years. Let’s face it folks, the Internet is here to stay, and things keep on growing….and growing!

I’ll admit that although the venue is becoming less conducive to conduct business since we’re such a rapidly growing industry, it’s still the most productive show of the year for me. Everyone is there, and everyone wants to do business. You get some characters, but that’s fine with me, I mean this is the online space right?

I noticed a few things this year, that I’m really looking forward to checking out (other than the parties)…although I think Crobar is still recovering from the tour de force of Internet folks that converges on the venue last year.

Last year I really didn’t have any time to slip away to see any of the conference panel discussions etc. I’m really looking forward to hearing anything and everything I can about Performance Marketing and Consumer Behavior.

I’m particularly interested in hearing Global Perspectives on the Digital Revolution. I think that everyone in attending should view this panel. As the world gets smaller and smaller, we all need to be attentive to the true global village that the Internet presents us.

Of course what I’m truly interested in hearing is: Digital Advertising Networks: Making Sense of an Evolving and Expanding Landscape. This is right in my wheelhouse, and I think this is what everyone will be buzzing about this Ad:Tech. In the past year, we’ve seen unprecedented consolidation. Mergers and Acquisitions are at an all time high, and eyeballs are on us. Now is the time to execute, and take performance based networks to the next level.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Ad:Tech this year. Look for me at booth #333.

Take Care!

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