It’s official…I’m going to be a Dad! 

Laura and I found out the great news a little over three months ago. It looks like the baby’s due date is April 7th, and we’re SO EXCITED!

It’s interesting how something like finding out you’re going to be a parent can totally change your perspective on life. Both my wife and I agree that since we’ve found out about the pregnancy the two of us have been truly in the best moods ever!

We were trying to get pregnant, and we feel like we’re 100% prepared to be parents. I’ll admit I’m nervous, but in a good (I can’t wait to experience something new) kind of way. I’m attaching a photo of our most recent ultrasound. It’s fascinating what technology can do.

In a few weeks we find out the gender, which is really exciting as well. We’re having a heck of a time trying to select a name, and I think narrowing down the options to a gender should help (I hope) 🙂

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